Journals of ICIIECS

All the authors will be given a chance to publish their papers in IEEE Digital Library (or) Anna University Annexure-I Journals (or) Anna Universit Annexure 2 with authors concern (but any one option only, you choose it according to your requirement * conditions apply).

Kindly read the instruction carefully and do the registration!!!

1. Remember, it is possible to publish your paper, in only one Journal or IEEE Digital library. Only Authors who registered for the conference should go for this Journal registration.

2. If you want to publish your paper in IEEE Digital library, Kindly visit the following link (but only one main/corresponding author should register in this link. the automation will delete the registration automatically if more than one author of single paper registered in it)

Click Here and Apply for IEEE Digital Library

2(a). After IEEE Digital Library registration download the copyright form below, fill it, scan it and send it to by mentioning the paper id in the mail subject.
Click Here to download copyright from

3. If you want to publish your paper in Annexure-II /Scopus Indexed Journal. Kindly refer the scope mentioned in the above table and then visit the following link
(this link id temporarly disable to get authorization for the concern journals)

Click Here and Apply for Annexure-II Journals
(If you have registered for Annexure-II, then You should never register for IEEE Digital Library or other Journals)

4. If you want to publish your paper in Anna University Annexure-I. Kindly refer the below mentioned Journals and then visit the following link
a. Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics::American Scientific Publishers.
(Science Citation Indexed: Anna University Annexure-1)

b. International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technologies::Inderscience Publications.
(Scopus Indexed: Anna University Annexure-1)

c. International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining ::Inderscience Publications.
(Scopus Indexed: Anna University Annexure-1)

and many other Journals available.
Apply for Annexure-I Journals

(After Registration the Journal Committee will contact you, After analyzing which Journal is suitable for you, Its chargeable- Only Main/Corresponding Author should registration in this link. Kindly avoid Multiple registration)

5. Kindly be patient.. The Journals will be processed only after the conference is over.

6. Authors Who selected the Annexure-I journal can also apply for IEEE Digital Library, So that if in case of any incompatibility for Annexure-I, your paper will be sent for IEEE, USA as a second option.

7. Camera Ready paper, which is not in perfect IEEE format (mention in the home page) will never entertained even though the registration is made. Also Paper id without copyright form will never be sent to IEEE digital library for further processing.

8. Other than this publication options, a separate conference proceedings with IEEE ISBN, will be given to all the authors who registered for the conference.

9. Author's who need Peer Reviewed::Open Access Journals can register in the below link

Click Here

Kindly Contact +91-9952828911 for any doubts